What's Lummy

Do you have a restaurant or shop ?
Do you want to be visible thanks to illuminated advertising signs ?
Our offer LUMMY Easy to install and our new fashion product is also economical.

It will emphasize your facade without disrupting. LUMMY will be visible to everyone in the evening, and passers-by will catch the presence of your restaurant or business. In addition, LUMMY awning is original and aesthetic. It fits perfectly with your showcase without changing its appearance. If you are looking for a visible but quite traditional sign system, this is what you need. LUMMY is shaped and illuminated in our workshops according to your request. It is a fully customized product specially designed for you. This is the featured that will make you stand out from your competitors.

If you have a restaurant, customers looking for a good table in the evening will notice you first. For any other organization that is open in the evening, you will be noticed among those who are recognized in the same way. As the sun sets early in winter, your LED LUMMY Awning continues to make your showcase visible to everyone. On foot or by car, passers-by will see the awning signsboards illuminated at first glance. Our design will respect the dimensions of your awning and the realization of the awning signboard according to your wishes.

Why LUMMY ? Both Canopy and Illuminated Signboard
LUMMY, which has recently come to the universe of awning, is an innovative process that works thanks to an LED panel. Therefore, it is both elegant and economical, which can be noticed both at night and at a distance.

Who Are We ? LUMMY is a dynamic Turkish company specializing in the production of lighted awnings and lighted umbrellas made of fabric. Turkey's first and only light-emitting awnings and umbrellas fringe (skirt) manufacturer Lummy, light hair lamellae and all other variation is producing the latest technology. In the design of your visual communication media, we offer you comprehensive support in our office in Bursa Hürriyet Neighborhood. On request, we can design and present your logo, brand or text in any way... LUMMY offers a special work for each project.

Which one
do you prefer?
How about choosing the most suitable fabric for your awning...

LMY U413 Potiron Piqué